Early Childhood

WestCOP’s Early Childhood Program's mission is to provide high quality early childhood education, health, nutrition and family services to low-income children and families in Westchester and Putnam Counties.

WestCOP’s Early Childhood Program serves almost 2,000 income-eligible children and families in helping them reach their optimal potential within 21 Head Start and Early Head Start centers throughout Westchester and Putnam Counties.

Each center offers several types of programs, which include:

    • Part-Day or Six-Hour Head Start
    • Full-Day Childcare
    • Therapeutic Classrooms
    • Universal Pre-Kindergarten
    • After-School Services

The Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide comprehensive child development services for children from birth to five years, and focus on the goals of promoting social competence and school readiness for each child.

Because Head Start believes that parents and families are a child’s first and best teacher, partnerships with families are considered an important and integral part of the Head Start experience.

Through these partnerships, parents are:

  • Encouraged to become involved in all aspects of the Head Start program
  • Empowered to become advocates for their children and themselves
  • Inspired to pursue the goals they have identified.

In addition to partnering with parents, WestCOP’s Head Start program actively collaborates with a wide range of community agencies. These collaborations serve to ensure that resources are available for the children and families as they progress towards their goals.  We engage in extensive outreach and education among low-income families in the communities we serve.

Our strategies are implemented – more specifically – through:

  • Head Start & Early Head Start, federally authorized and funded preschool and early childhood education for low-income children ages birth to five in Westchester and Putnam Counties.
  • Early Head Start Home Base, an integrated program that provides families with Early Head Start services in the home setting where the mother is pregnant or there are children under 3 years of age.
  • Pre-School Special Education, New York State approved special education, evaluation, therapy and integrated classroom programming for preschool children.
  • Universal Pre-Kindergarten, pre-kindergarten education.
  • Child Care, full year and full day classes.
  • Adult Literacy, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for both beginning and Intermediate students, particularly for parents of children attending Head Start.
  • Parent Groups, a means to give participating parents an opportunity for empowerment, self-governance and parenting education.


Contact Information:

Director: Ellen Farrar

Email: EFarrar@westcop.org

Phone: (914) 592-5600 Ext. 112